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1st Annual Christmas and Awards Dinner.

Based on the response I received to the test message the other day I think our little problem with the website’s failure to cooperate sending emails has been resolved. Hence the score in the Coliseum today is Walt 1 – computer 0.



Thursday night was a huge success, thanks so very much too all who participating in making it happen. The awards were very well conceived and well done. Dinner, well I love pop-luck dinners. Greg’s smoked turkey was the best.



The only problem about the entire evening is we have to wait a whole year before we can do it again… bummer!



Thanks to all who planned and executed the evening and thanks to all who attended.

2 Responses to 1st Annual Christmas and Awards Dinner.

  • Lindy says:

    Walt’s right. The food was fantastic the comraderie was outstanding. What a great job by Shirley and Anne to put the plan together, go through all that effort to make the “coolest awards ever”, make the most unique center pieces ever, and be there at 1630. Ladies I know that was a working evening for you but I hope you enjoyed it as much as everyone else who attended. You made it happen and you made it the success it was. Well done! Lindy

  • NLinder says:

    First off, Shirley and Anne did a stellar job with the event. I know they spent countless hours preparing for this event. Both were quick to “step up to the plate” and “take the reins” of the committee after I was injured and from the bottom of my heart, I greatly appreciate your hard work and efforts. Secondly, the food was phenomenal. Thanks to all who contributed. It is truly an honour to serve on a Mounted SAR Unit with some amazing, dedicated volunteers. Again, we thank Bob, Walt, and all board of director members for their countless hours of volunteerism. We truly look forward to another year of training and searches if they come up, to remember, our primary goal is to “ride for the preservation and safety of life so that others may live”. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and yours…. Nikki