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January 2012 Challenge Of the Month

How well does your horse know the feel of your body movement and eyes???

While under saddle and walking your horse, whether in an arena, in a field or on a trail, take 15 to 20 minutes to try this exercise.

Set your sights on an object in front of you and off to one side (a tree, a post, a car, etc.) Focus on your chosen object and try to get your horse to walk towards that object. Only use your reins or legs to redirect your horse when he/she veers off track, keeping your eyes focused on your object. When you reach your object, stop and wait for your horse to touch it with his/her nose. After selecting several different objects, hopefully you will find your equine partner following your body movements and your “inside” feel.

 Practicing this periodically, you will strengthen communications to become “one with your horse”. When your horse understands this game, try it at a trot……


Don Cox
H&R Training

You may download a copy of this “Challenge of the Month in the “Horse and Rider tab under training. Hint: You must be logged in to see it.