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Thanks to all who participated in the Horse and Rider Training Day at Dawson Forest on March 31st.  The weather was great and we had 13 attendees which included our two newest members, Gail and Dexter Christian and two guests, Deborah and Glynn Galloway. 


Congratulations to five members who completed their HRE:

        Norman Denton and Cappuccino         Kim Rinaldi and Teddy

        Gail Christian and Lacy                        Dexter Christian and Maggie 

A special “high five” to Joy Olson who has added a new horse to her family and they completed their HRE… all in one week! 


Our trail ride was a ’Nature Hunt’ which included gathering and returning with these items:

Pinecones  –  5 different types of leaves  –  multi colored rock  –  flower in bloom –bark from a dead tree –an oblong rock – fill water bottle from stream – burnt wood from a campfire –a feather  – and something not on this list that was found 10 feet off the trail that showed someone had been there. 

     1st Place:    Jeff Knight/ Cindy Groom / Kim Rinaldi – 10 out of 12    (returned at 1:30)

     2nd Place:  Art Schwab / Norm Denton with 10 out of 12   (returned at 3:30)

     3rd Place:    Shirley and Don Cox, and Deborah and Glynn Galloway  9 out of 12 (returned at 1:30)

This ride was designed to make our teams aware of their surrounding on and off of the trail.    

Unfortunately, no team brought back a feather……

 If only they had looked at Don’s Hat!!!! 


It was a good day…….Thanks,     Don Cox