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GERL Poker Ride 03-09-2013

What a fantastic day we had at the GERL Poker Ride.  NGMSAR was well represented and eager to help support GERL and their cause.  In attendance were:


Jason Black and J.D.                                                         

Jeff Knight and Gabriel

Amanda Wadley and Wolfe                                              

Amy Dedafone and Maverick

Monika Parrish and Lightening                                       

Julie Schwab and Brisco

Art Schwab and Sundance                                              

Don Cox and Crackers

Shirley Cox and Jack                                                         


Working Base:  Anne Brandt and Kim Rinaldi

We also had two guests that rode with our team.


Each team member was given a TOPO map and a trail map. The task for the day was to document the coordinates each time we stopped to get a card for the poker hand.  Then find that coordinate on the TOPO map.  The next step was to find the same on the trail map.  The purpose was to be able to familiarize ourselves with the transfer of a trail map to the TOPO map and also to gather and plot the coordinates.  Needless to say, it proved to be an interesting task!  The GERL Photographer got a great picture of our unit as we departed. 

It was a beautiful day for a ride and we were proud to be able to support GERL as a unit.


Thanks to all who participated,


Shirley Cox

NGMSAR Secretary