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Missing Horse in Cohutta Wilderness near Cottonwood Patch Campground

Yesterday, we received the below email and last evening Bob spoke with her. The horse got loose somewhere near Cotton Wood Patch campground.

Cindi Smith lost her one eyed, spotted saddle horse at the end of the Horseshoe Bend trail in the Cohutta Wilderness in North Georgia last Saturday. She was off the horse going up a steep area near the river and it got loose and ran ahead and went up over the hill and has not been seen since. She is frantic and I thought you might be able to get the word out for people to be on the lookout. PM me if you have info about this horse.

I have attached a trail map of the Cohutta, it is not the best but for the moment is all we have. We are in the process of procuring additional maps. Dependent upon the weather Bob is proposing going up tomorrow (Saturday) and clearing a down tree that is blocking the trail and then weather permitting Going up Sunday to search the area.

Anyone who is available for either or both days please let me know.

Click on the map for a larger view.

2 Responses to Missing Horse in Cohutta Wilderness near Cottonwood Patch Campground

  • jolson says:

    Let me know if you need help Sun.

  • NLinder says:

    I will not be able to do the foot search tommorow but will ride on Sunday. Is there anyway we could make the time to ride out around 9:00am? My travel will be about 2 hours…