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FTX-Saturday 3/19/16


It appears there will be rain starting this evening and on into tomorrow afternoon.  To me the mud is a bigger deterrent than the rain.  We will reschedule our training for next Saturday, March 26th.  Information for that will follow.

When we get called for an official search, we will go regardless of the weather.  As you drive around today and tomorrow, your homework assignment is to consider what you need to have with you on a search when the weather conditions are bad.  Our navigation training has shown us that we need the ability to write/draw information on maps and paper.  Writing in the rain is impossible without special waterproof paper you can get at an outdoor specialty store.  Grease pencils can work but are clumsy to write with on a small pad.  Your maps will fade away once they spend the day in the rain.  Tomorrow be thinking about what you need to function all day in the rain.  Raincoat, map holder, paper, pen, covers for saddle bags, dry clothes for the ride home, etc.  All day in the rain will be miserable if you are not prepared.  IC needs to be thinking about BC activities in the rain.

Please respond to me (just a “got it” will be fine) so I know that you received the cancellation.  I don’t want anyone making the trip and not finding us there.