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May 18, 2016
Dawson County Education and Training Center
30 Main Street Dawsonville, GA

May 21, 2016
10:00AM (Be tacked up and ready for class by 10)
Dawsonville Forest

Our main topic for this training will be the introduction of scent training for our horses and us. Norm Denton will be our instructor. Not only has Norm completed the Equine Scent Training class given by Terry Nowacki but he has also trained almost daily with his horse Cappuccino to improve the techniques learned in the basic course.
Part of our classroom training will be Norm presenting a power point presentation on the basics. The Saturday field training will be putting these techniques to practical use.
Equine scent training involves teaching us to understand what our horses are smelling and seeing as much as it is teaching our horses what to do. This is an excellent skill to have in search and rescue operations.
Please respond to me if you will be attending these sessions. Even if you don’t have a horse or if you are not planning to bring your horse, please attend if possible. You will learn something with or without a horse. Also, we will need some victims to hide on Saturday.

Jeff Knight