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Training Session Thursday July 21st.

Our monthly training session will be held at the Community Bank in Dawsonville. Start time is 6:30 pm. End time 9:30 give or take a bit…

This session will focus on the basics of Land Navigation. I have uploaded a student’s handout to the Land navigation section of the website (under Training). If you don’t know how to find let me know and I’ll walk you through it.

Please download and print the handout and bring it with you Thursday evening.  Also bring a compass (preferably a Lensatic compass), protractor, and writing implement.

This is an extremely critical skill for riders and base camp workers alike; it is our only means of accurately communicating location to one another in the field. Please make every effort to attend.

One Response to Training Session Thursday July 21st.

  • gnorcross says:

    I attended the meeting and totally enjoyed myself and benefited greatly from it. I have been carrying my compass around in my pocket and periodically “taking a bearing”, siting an Azimuth,thinking through the return azimuth “formula”,(ie., 180 degrees thus plus or minus 180 degrees), navigating to and from! Generally getting more familiar and comfortable with the intricacies of the map and compass.
    Georgiana Norcross
    July 22, 2011