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Debrief Take 2…

Being the Bogey at yesterday’s training exercise/dog and pony show gave me a rather unique position to make a couple of observations.

The horses worked better than I hoped they would. When the team that discovered me rode past my position each of the three horses in turn focused an ear on me. As the team was checking out a scent patch I left two of the horses were looking directly at me with both ears cocked in my direction.

The lesson here: THE HORSE KNOWS long before the rider. Horses are smart!

The second observation didn’t sink in until late last night (sorry but I was tired) – starting to think I’m a bit old to go bounding around in the woods like that. I digress… When the crew from APD was called in to apprehend me they ALL got off of their horses. And, this is what got me to thinking. When our team was confronting me they all stayed in the saddle. Is this the correct way to confront a potentially loony tune who may be armed. I don’t know the answer but I am working off of the assumption that APDs horses are a lot better trained than ours are in certain situations. What if I had charged out of the wood line and attacked our team’s horses, how would they have responded? Why did APD give up a potential advantage (height, size, speed, etc) to confront me on the ground. I will contact Lieutenant Tiernan at APD and seek his guidance and thoughts.

Our team’s response was great. We have come so far in such a short period of time it is indeed humbling to be associated with such a great group. APD took it to a whole new level. Their performance really showed that they are a highly trained, professional group that did an outstanding job and it was a pleasure working with them. I’m looking forward to more interaction between our two great organizations.


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