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Viewing/Making Comments

Everyone is welcome to make (encouraged actually) comments on any and all articles posted on the web site. The more the merrier. You can even make comments on comments. Please do keep in mind this a family web site so keep it clean.

Tonight Larry Williams posed a question in the form of a comment regarding an upcoming training event. Thanks Larry for leading the way. It made me remember something I have neglected to tell everyone; to view or make comments you MUST be a registered user and you MUST be logged in.

Before you regale me with all the tales of woe why this is to restrictive or time consuming or whatever, there is a really good reason why I set it up that way. There are a whole bunch of idiots in this world who have nothing better to do with their time than look for web sites that have “open” comment policy’s, meaning anybody and everybody can leave comments. A lot of these comments are not fit for family consumption and a lot of them are ads for products that most of don’t need or want. So, to save myself all the trouble of cleaning these morons out and saving you (at least I hope you see it that way) the trouble of wading through all the nonsense I configured our site so that only those of us who are registered on the site can see and/or make comments.

I know its a pain to go through all the trouble of logging in but it really is for our own good, it is the best way I know of keeping our website for us and not a bunch of infantile morons.