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Mounted SAR Capabilities


Applications for Mounted Teams in Search and Rescue Operations:

  • Can work with other search resources to compliment efforts as they provide elevated perspective
  • Hasty team
  • Perimeter sweep
  • Search known trail, ridges, drainage’s
  • Transport missing persons out
  • Locate unmapped trails
  • Establish trail and road blocks
  • Provide containment resources
  • Slow/thorough (or quick hasty search) off-trail searching in fields and open woods
  • In brush/tall grass, can perform sweeps quicker than ground searches with added benefit of elevated perspective (note on the brush: if it is thick to the point where you have to crawl under it, to get through it, horses are not the best resource)
  • Can be utilized as a relay (sent to high point to relay communications)


Applications where Mounted Teams are not the best resource:

  • Urban environments (can help with some street/trail work especially if there is an urban/rural interface section – depends on the urban area)
  • Water / Cave / Swamp
  • Technical — steep rock/ice/ snow


What to expect from NGMSAR:

  • Able to camp overnight
  • Carry first aid and survival gear when riding/searching
  • Riders trained in search theory, clue awareness and other basic SAR skills
  • Members are First Aid/CPR trained, Portion of team is trained to First Responder level
  • Horses are acclimated to environment we will be operating in


What we need from an Authority Having Jurisdiction:

  • As much advance notice as possible
  • Area that is relatively flat and solid where we can park trucks and trailers
  • If possible, area to put up portable corrals or set up picket lines (rope strung between trees where horses are tied).  Horses can be tied to trailers as needed.


Note: Transportation to the search area can become problematic to some degree-depends on access points to the search and staging areas.




“Handbook for Managing Land Search Operations” by Robert “Skip” Stoffel

“Urban Search” by Christopher Young and John Wehbring